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New coupons on BabyCoupons.Com

BabyCoupons.Com is starting to come together, so you can now expect to find new printable baby coupons every day.

This week you will find:

Also launching this week... BabyCoupons.Com!

 Baby Coupons

After a bit of a break, BabyCoupons.Com returns to the web, with a focus entirely on Baby Coupons like diapers, baby food, formula, lotions, baby shampoo, blankets, cribs / baby furniture, changing stations.

As the old cliche says... "If you are expecting, we're expecting you."

Our Blogger Blog is back... as CouponBlogs.Com

It's been over 10 years since I created my Blogger account.  It was never anything more than an experiment in blogging, but as it turns out, Google has been very aggressive in telling the world that Blogger is here to stay and that it's now fully integrated with Google+ and Google Gmail accounts.

The nice thing about all this integration is that now anyone with a Google account can post on Blogger, Google+, YouTube, etc., which means that you won't need to register to post on our blogs.

This is my first post in many years, so there's not much to say, except, "Welcome"

Are you a CouponPages Fan?

CouponPages.Com finally has a Facebook Page!

It's now easier than ever share your love of coupons and to keep up-to-date with all the latest and greatest news about CouponPages.  Just visit Facebook.Com/CouponPages and click the Like Button:

Now, wasn't that easy?

Welcome to our new Blog!

I created this blog over 4 years ago, when Blogger was still pretty new and it didn't have too many features.  Now that it's grown up a bit, I think I'll tinker with it a bit and see if I can actually find a use for it.